Our Indian Projects

Tirupati graphite group has been manufacturing graphite in India for over 10 years now and the promoters of the company have over 25 years experience in the field. Through the constant hard work of our team, we have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Graphite from India.
Our projects in the country are as follow:

Tirupati Rajderwa Graphite Plant

Rajderwa Processing Plant is located 141 kms from Ranchi on NH 75. It started production in the year 2010 with a total capacity of 3600 tonnes per annum. Later, with processing innovation, the capacity was increased to 4800 tonnes per annum. The plant currently has the capability to produce graphite upto 96% purity. The ore is supplied from Gaura Graphite Mines located at a distance of 5 kms from the plant. The plant employs over 110 people on a permanent basis. The man power has been constantly skilled by the company to gain an expertise in the manufacturing of graphite.

Fabrication and R&D Center

Tirupati Group is harnessing it’s expertise in the field of graphite processing in fabricating it’s own equipments and designing newer processes for graphite processing. Over the years this has allowed us to significantly lower both our CAPEX and OPEX and thereby increasing our profitability from any reserve.
We fabricate all critical equipment that serve as the heart of our processing unit, in house using proprietary designs that have been tailor made for graphite production. This allows us to better manufacture for a given customer requirements and also serve a whole array of industries with different product requirements.