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"The Purpose of our existence is to provide our customers with good and services better than they expect, with a global process of operations and in the process, create values for shareholders, improve quality of life and contribute to the upliftment of society and to the building our our nation."
The Tirupati Graphite Group has been a leader in Flake Graphite manufacturing over 2 decades. TCCPL, the Flagship company of the Tirupati Graphite Group was formed in the year 2006 and operates Graphite mines and processing plant in the State of Jharkhand, India. In the year 2012, Tirupati formed Tirupati Resources Madagascar to mine and process the best quality flake graphite from Madagascar. In the Year 2017, Tirupati Graphite Group in partnership with Optiva Securities formed Tirupati Graphite to build the mines and processing plant in Madagascar.
Being a leader in the flake graphite industry it is our constant endeavor to meet the requirements of our customers with the best quality customized graphite for their needs. Our product is used in a host of operations from electrical to nuclear.

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“We shall be the Global benchmark in the Graphite Industry, with multi-location resource and operations, setting up state of the art facilities to produce tailor made products for conventional and new applications, developing Technologies & Expertise through Design, Engineering and R&D with special emphasis on emerging applications such as Energy Storage, Composites, Graphene etc, securing the world’s needs of this critical & wonder material and maximising values for all connected.”

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